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Is it acceptable for you to stop using plastic covers and bags?


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Ecology websites
Kazakhstan Environmental News
The loss of the Aral Sea
The goal of Green Salvation is to protect environmental human rights and nature rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Portal on “Ecology and Entrepreneurship: Environmental Law and Audit, Environmental Problems”
Ecocenter Reserves - Education, environmental education, interaction with protected areas and the population
Ecocom - current environmental information: news, events, articles, literature
Water purification and water supply
The first virtual exhibition “Neftegazexpo” containing a number of sections, including “Environmental Protection”
Online magazine “Eco-friendly things” with a positive interest in green products, services, events and ideas
Oil and ecology
Environmental education and the study of the nature of Russia: programs, methods and films, determinants, descriptions and photos of plants and animals, essays on biology, ecology and geography, an online store of teaching aids for teachers
Belarusian Ecological Portal
Website on air ionization - articles and devices
Far Eastern Interregional Public Environmental Organization - Green Cross
A blog of useful and natural information devoted to the ecology of mankind and its home
Family friendly Ecoportal
“KazNIIEK” carries out industrial and economic activities in the field of science, environmental protection and the implementation of the obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the International Conventions
Public Foundation “EcoIDEA” - Agency for the Development of Environmental Initiatives
RIOD-Central Asia Website (International Desertification NGO Network)
Environment and Sustainable Development in Central Asia and Russia