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Is it acceptable for you to stop using plastic covers and bags?


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Capital residents exchanged plastic bags for reusable bags

The republican headquarters of youth labor groups «Zhasyl El» with the support of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy organized on October 27 for the residents and guests of the capital the environmental campaign "ECO Pack", MIA Kazinform reports.

As part of the project, «Zhasyl El» held an action to exchange plastic bags for reusable and durable eco-bags. We organized the eco campaign «ECO Pack» for the first time, we would like to draw public attention to environmental issues such as global warming and environmental pollution.

Eco bags are an opportunity to improve the ecology of the whole planet. Natural tissue «dissolves» in the ground without a trace in just a few months, while fertilizing the soil with organic matter. «Ecological actions of this kind are held not only in Nur-Sultan, but also in all regions of our country», said Azamat Daniyar, the head of the republican headquarters of Zhasyl El. The ECO Pack campaign was accompanied by a concert with the participation of famous performers Miras Zhugunusov, Rick 04/07 and bloggers. During the concert, games and raffle of valuable prizes were held. Everyone could take part in the action. The environmental damage caused by plastic bags is enormous. 4 percent of global oil production is spent on Plastic bag production. Lightweight plastic bags are carried away by the wind, clog the sewers, and fall into water bodies. Plastic makes up 80% of the volume of garbage on roads, parks and beaches, and 90% of the floating garbage in the ocean. In each square mile of the ocean, more than 46,000 pieces of plastic have been discovered. This is a huge environmental burden. It is estimated that over 100 thousand birds, seals and whales die every year due to swallowed plastic bags. Plastic bags decompose from 700 to 1000 years.